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Apex Industries presents to you all our range of products, inspired by nature and Indian herbs. Our teas are a unique combination of Organic green tea and medicinal herbs designed for a rich, aromatic and wholesome experience. The herbs used in our tea blends contain such natural compounds which have the ability to burn fat and helps in weight loss. These herbs have significant properties that can help improve our physical and mental health, benefiting the human body in a number of ways; right from helping in treating common cold and fever to help in regulating blood pressure or help in controlling diabetes. Our main aim is to provide the rich quality experience of natural products to our customers. #Herbal&Healthy

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I  loved your Slimming tea , it is very helpful to follow my diet schedule. thanks.




I loved your Morning Tea , it is so soothing in taste. Not bitter as other green teas , Keep it up .. Kudos.


Your Afternoon tea is awesome.  Me and my wife  take it after every meal nowdays..


Your Night Tea helped me in the stressful and strenuous moments of my life. I experience a very relaxing sleep now days.  Thanks…


Helpful n effective product , having a cup of Afternoon tea after lunch is extremely refreshing. i love it


I had improved metabolism. And my sugar cravings had reduced. This really helped me reach my goal weight! A must try!


Works well  to detox the body!


Dunno about weightloss but helped me maintain my Diet plan , Slimming tea works well


I have regularly used it for 25 days & Got the result, I feel more light now. Will highly recommend Slimming Tea.


Afternoon Tea is very reasonable and worth what you pay for. It doesn’t taste bitter as claimed by the company. I liked it.