Morning Tea

Morning Tea is 100% Natural & Organic which is a tried and tested combination of rich quality herbs which are listed below. Each herb has its own properties and significance which services in energizing and uplifting the body.

Green Tea:

Green tea contains beneficial polyphenol and antioxidants which helps in the metabolism and reduction in bad cholesterol. It helps in weight loss, treating cardiovascular diseases and prevention of cancer. It also helps in improving the mental health and controlling diabetes.

Lemon Grass:

Lemongrass is an herb which helps in enhancing stamina and stimulating digestion. It helps in strengthening skin tissue and sterilizing pores which in turns gives a perfect glow to the skin.


Ginger promotes cleansing of the body through perspiration and also stimulates blood circulation. It is known as a tonic for digestive tract. It is a well-known condiment which aids in reliving common cough and cold.


Tulsi is an ancient Indian holy herb which is known for its ability to treat almost all the ailments. It has such anti- viral, anti- biotic and anti- bacterial properties in it which helps in detoxifying, cleaning and purifying the blood.


Arjuna is commonly known for reducing cholesterol, regulating blood pressure and controlling diabetes. It also helps in metabolism.


Moringa Leaves contains Pro-Vitamin A, Vitamin B & C, manganese, and protein. It helps in lowering blood sugar levels. Moringa has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that fight infections and reduces cholesterol.